Wood Garden Pathway Ideas (Perhaps For My Walking Path?)

So now I’m wondering if I can combine ideas from those two pathways to create a wood pathway that would work for our specific needs. Instead of pallet boards, I would want to use Trex, or at the very least, I would want treated boards for ground contact. And perhaps I could put down some gravel or crushed granite as a base so that water could drain away from the boards. And then I could secure them in place using Laura’s method of securing them using long landscape pins.

I’m going to have to think through this, take lots of measurements, compare prices of Trex and treated boards, etc. Any idea that I’ve come up with for that walkway has been pretty expensive just because it’s so long, but I really do want to find a way to make a pretty walkway. I’ve considered gravel, crushed granite, a mulch pathway, concrete, asphalt. If I could choose my absolute favorite material for a pathway, it would be wood (or Trex). I may have to start a GoFundMe for my pathway. 😀 Just kidding. But once I get started, it’s very likely that it will take two or three summers to finish it. I’m definitely on the very long-term plan as far as landscaping goes!

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