The Wrench In The Works

I’m back, y’all! Last week was awful. Absolutely terrible. I got sick on Sunday night a week ago, and was completely out for five days straight. I spent virtually all day and night for five days in my bed, only getting up to fix food for Matt, get myself a drink, use the bathroom, or let Cooper out.

On top of that, the weather was crazy! Wednesday evening, had crazy thunderstorms, tornado watches, tornado warnings, civil defense sirens blaring all around us. It was just a crazy and miserable week all around.

And the kicker? Before I got sick, I had planned a catered party for a friend on Saturday night. Thankfully, there were going to be too many people to fit in our house for a catered dinner, so we had planned it at another location. But all week, my only goal was to get well so that I could make it to the party that I had planned.

Somehow, seemingly miraculously, after an absolutely horrible week, I woke up Saturday morning feeling great. I was so relieved! And the party went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time.

So yesterday, after church and an afternoon spent with my family, I came home and had to face the reality of my house. I was reminded of what a friend said to me earlier this year. She said that after a conversation with me, it struck her that not a single thing gets done in this house unless I do it (or unless I take the initiative to get help). So if a meal gets cooked, that’s on me. If trash gets taken out, that’s on me. If anything gets cleaned, that’s on me. If groceries are bought, that’s on me. If Cooper and Felicity have food and water, that’s on me. If Cooper is taken out throughout the day, that’s on me. Matt can’t help me with anything, so it’s all on me.

And that was never so clear as after a week of being sick, and then having to deal with the wake of mess that was left behind. I spent at least two hours cleaning last night, trying to make some headway in my kitchen, but still woke up this morning to this mess.

The kitchen was such a disaster that I had to bring in a big contractor bag to get the job done. A regular kitchen garbage bag wasn’t enough. The floor is absolutely disgusting. And after two hours of cleaning last night, I still didn’t even get all of the dishes washed. (I literally did no cleaning up after myself last week. It was all I could do to muster the energy to cook a meal for Matt, but cleaning up afterwards was out of the question.)

And as of this morning, my living room still looks like this…

And somehow, I’ve got to get this house under control and ready to host people on Wednesday.

Things never seem to go as planned, do they? 😀 I had everything worked out. By this time, the studio floor was supposed to be done, and the studio cabinets were supposed to be put together and put into place, leaving my living room free and clear and ready for guests on Wednesday, just in time for our regularly planned as we get back into our normal routine. But then a pretty big wrench was thrown in to the gears, and everything came to a grinding halt.

Oh well. That’s life. Sadly, it looks like any work on the studio is going to have to be put off until Thursday of this week. Between now and then, I just have to get the house looking more like a normal, lived-in house again, and less like the local landfill. 😀 But I’m so glad to be up and about again, and feeling GREAT again!

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