Studio Questions: Wallpaper In The Back Entry? Black Countertops?

So the issue that I’m trying to decide is whether or not I want to put the wallpaper in another area of the room, and specifically, I’m thinking about putting it in the back entry. I just can’t decide if that’s a really bold and awesome thing to do in a studio that is all mine and that I get to design only to suit myself, or if it’s just way too much. And while I’m generally not opposed to trying something and redoing it if it doesn’t quite work out, that’s just a lot of money to spend on a test.

I tried to do a mock up to see what I think, but of course, seeing a photo (and especially a very bad mockup) is vastly different from seeing something in real life, and actually standing in the room where you can see much more of the room than you can see in a photo. But for now, it’s all I have.

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