Here’s Why I Want To Change The Studio Wallpaper

If everything works out as planned, the home gym will be finished this week. I only have a few small things left on my punch list for that room. That means that next week, my attention will finally be on the studio, and I can’t wait to get that room finished up!

One thing that has been bothering me about the studio is the wallpaper. I love the wallpaper, and yet, there’s something that has been bothering me about it for quite some time. I had considered swapping it out for a completely different wallpaper, but then so many of you urged me to keep. But I had to decide what to do about the one thing that bothered me about it.

Here’s what I don’t like about it. Up close, I think it looks great. But from a distance, the dark purple flowers turn into blotches of dark purple, and they seem to dominate the rest of the wallpaper.

This is wallpaper that I designed myself, and unfortunately, I lost all of my original pictures when my hard drive crashed, including the full sized picture that had every single flower on a different layer to make it easy to move and edit each flower individually. But last week, I realized that I could go into my Spoonflower account and download the file (the large wallpaper picture) that I uploaded to have the wallpaper printed.

So I did that, and then my mom helped me by using Photoshop and separating out the two flowers that I don’t really like (the dark red and the dark purple) and putting those on separate layers in the image file so that I could edit those individual flowers separately.

I’ve worked with it some this weekend, but I still don’t have it exactly like I want it. Here’s what the original wallpaper looks like…

Here’s what it looks like with lighter purple and red flowers…

I definitely like that purple better, but when I tile the picture to see what it would look like as wallpaper, now it seems that the two purple flowers are too close in color, and now purple dominates the wallpaper.

And I don’t want it to go too pastel. But I do think it’s an improvement. So I’ll do just a bit more tweaking, order a sample, and then re-wallpaper the whole wall.

Here’s another comparison. This is a closer view of the wall with the current wallpaper with the really dark purple flowers…

And here’s a mock up with the lighter purple and red flowers.

They definitely need more tweaking because I don’t want that much purple dominating the wallpaper. But I do want to get this right because, as I’ve already shared, I plan to do some changes in the back entry of this room, as well as the bathroom. And right now, I’m considering using this wallpaper on the walls of the back entry. I’m still coming up with an overall plan for this whole room, but I think I do want to use the wallpaper somewhere other than this one wall. So it has to be right!

Does this remind you of anything? I did the wallpaper mural in our master bathroom twice to get it right, and here I am doing the wallpaper in the studio twice to get it right, also.

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